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We at Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. understand the importance of your privacy. We recommend you read the following information provided to summarize our practices for gathering and using information obtained through this web site. Our privacy statement exemplifies our commitment to your privacy and to the confidentiality and security of the information obtained from you on our power industry site.

Our site frequently requests information from you including general demographic data and identifying information. We use this information for our, and our agents', sales, marketing, and advertising purposes. This information is used to target promotional material about our company, our product and service offerings, and those of our partner and affiliate firms. Contact information provided may be used to contact you when necessary.

As portions of this site collect personal and financial information, rest assured that this data is secure. This data is being gathered to facilitate completion of many of the functions offered on our site.

We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our site and our site infrastructure. Your IP address also helps us to identify you and your online shopping habits, as well as to gather general/personal data on you. From this, we may use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and to track session information to better help us understand our site and our visitor's usage of it. Overall, this information will help us, our affiliates and/or our agents to make this site better for you.

Our website utilizes third-party analytics, such as Google Analytics, to track our website traffic and evaluate the use of our site information. These tools gather non-personal data; however, enabling us to obtain data on each visitor to our sites allows us to improve our services, online presence, and user experiences. Analytics technologies utilize cookies to collect data, and this data is often combined with the data Google already has, allowing the technologies to create a more thorough and accurate representation of each website visitor and their respective interactions.

Furthermore, the website Analytics integrations allows our company to utilize the Google Behavior Targeting and Remarketing advertising features to better reach our target customers. With this, our ads might appear on search results or on third-party sites. These technologies utilize cookies and other technologies to collect data, information, and general preferences, allowing our company and other sites to provide you with targeted advertising based upon your respective data. These technologies may collect data such as IP address, device identifiers (desktop, mobile, etc.), and more. Our ad targeting allows for the usage of custom audiences, defined by the data we collect on our site. Some information may be shared with third-party advertising partners to assist with reaching our intended audiences with relevant ads. Each of our third-party partners has a full understanding that they are not permitted to utilize our visitors’ data or information for their own, or third party, marketing purposes. If you would like to personally opt out of this, please contact us.

Occasionally, we may distribute surveys asking questions of interest regarding our site, our company, and/or our products/services. Again, these instruments may request general demographic information about you, your interests, and your online shopping habits. Our affiliates and/or agents may use this information to better tailor our site, current and future product/service offerings, and promotional opportunities. For further follow-up with you, contact information you have provided may be used to contact you.

For your convenience, our site provides a quick and easy way to opt-out of receiving communications from us, our affiliates, and/or agents. This includes, but is not limited to, promotional information, product/service announcements, web site and general company updates, news, reminders, and special announcements. This opt-out mechanism is available by contacting us.

As this web site contains references and links to other sites, Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. is not responsible for the legal or privacy practices of these sites, nor are we responsible for the content on these sites.

In response to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (also known as the ‘GDPR’), Dekker is committed to providing clear and simple explanations regarding the usage of our European visitors’ data, in addition to the many protections already in place for every visitors’ data protection.

Our website utilizes a data processing software that has put in the following protocols to meet the requirements of data compliance under the new standards: 1) the data processor is Visa/MasterCard PCI-compliant, 2) the data processor has established a means for removing data when a customer/prospect requests their respective data be forgotten, 3) the data processor has implemented a reviewed incident response policy, ensuring GDPR requirements are met, 4) the data processer has implemented an updated privacy policy meeting all GDPR requirements, and 5) the data processer has appointed a Data Protection Officer.

As the data controller, our team at Dekker has worked to meet GDPR requirements by explaining and illustrating the different ways users’ information is collected on our sites, described in this document. Dekker ensures the safe collection and storing of all information, and this data helps our company in terms of; provisions of services, customer support, personalization, marketing and promotions, advertising, analytics, website improvements, protection of legal rights and the prevention of misuse, to comply with legal obligations, and for some general business operations. We do not share any of your information to any parties outside of those contracted with us, all of which are under the full understanding of our data protection requirements.

Multiple types of cookies are utilized on our website. These cookie types could include essential cookies, analytics cookies, preference cookies, and targeting/advertising cookies. If any website user would like to prevent cookies on their browser, please visit the “help” dropdown on your browser’s toolbar, which should allow you to adjust your cookies’ preferences. Please be aware that some website features may not function properly without cookies enabled.

If you have questions regarding this privacy statement, our web site, or encounter any problems with this web site, please contact us. If any website user would like to prevent tracking by our third-party analytic integrations, please visit: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. If any users from the US would prefer to opt out of Ad Networks, please visit: YourAd Choices. If any users from the EU would prefer to opt out of Ad Networks, please visit Your Online Choices.


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While Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information on our web site, we make no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of said information.

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Should you have questions concerning this legal statement, our web site, or encounter any problems with this web site, please contact us.